Sh. Nikhil B. Ghoniya,
Chairman & Managing Director, LIFEGUARD ELECTRONICS(I) PVT. LTD.

Carrying the baton into a brave new world

Shri Nikhil Ghoniya is the son of the Founder Chairman of Lifeguard – Shri Bhagvanjibhai Ghoniya and he is the Company’s Chairman & Managing Director.

He worked for 10 years (since 2007) until 2016 when the mantle and the responsibilities of the Group were vested in him.

Nikhil is an alumnus of N.M.G.P College, Gujarat University and later went to his family business. he joined Lifeguard in 2007, and since then led the Company to new heights, and destinations, in turn taking on the mission to grow Lifeguard into a world class enterprise.

In his initial years with the Company, he designed, articulated and implemented its marketing strategy that was largely instrumental in transforming a family brand into a global brand that is renowned for its technology, innovation, customer friendliness and product range.

In 2007, Nikhil guided the Company to diversify from a pure industrial product Company into the competitive domain of consumer products. His foresight and ability to navigate consumer marketing stood the Company in good stead and was instrumental in the Company being able to successfully survive the global recession of 2008 unscathed while still reporting profits.

Nikhil took the vision of his father to modernize the manufacturing processes of the Company and its overall infrastructure. As a result of his continued efforts, today Lifeguard has the best infrastructure and the most modern plant across the entire electrical industry in Gujarat. Since the acquisition, Lifeguard has gone on from strength to strength and established undisputed market leadership.

In a move that was symbiotic to his father’s belief in giving back to society, Nikhil, with the blessings and encouragement of his father BDG, initiated the Corporate Social Activity programme through the BDG Foundation.

Along with his aggressive pursuit of economic, social, and societal goals of Lifeguard, Nikhil is keenly interested in music and a Touring lover. He lives in Rajkot with his wife and one child.