Late Sh. Bhagvanjibhai D. Ghoniya,
Founder Chairman & Managing Director, LIFEGUARD ELECTRONICS(I) PVT. LTD.

Late Sh. Bhagvanjibhai D. Ghoniya was born into a lower middle class family in 15/06/1957, in the Devchadi village placed in Gujarat state. He was a staunch believer in simple living, hard work, honesty and integrity and ethical corporate governance, and upheld these standards for the seven decades of his life.

At a time when most of the industry was happy with the trading model to earn more profits, he undertook the bold decision of investing his capital in creating world class manufacturing plants in Gujarat. He bought over a small electrical switchgear Company in 1987 and over time he transformed it into one of the largest electrical goods companies in the State with several leading global brands in its stable. He pioneered many trends in the FMEG industry and elevated Indian manufactured electric goods to global standards.

Today, Lifeguard is a pioneer in ELR+MCB manufacturing Company and has over 100+ employees, and 1000+ trade partners across India. we have Two manufacturing plants in Gujarat, This thriving, innovative, productive and entrepreneurial enterprise is part of his industrial legacy.

He has partnered with his 500+ strong network of dealers, distributors and retailers who have benefited by sharing the profits and the growth of Lifeguard. He has helped these partners to take out health and insurance policies for their families and provided them access to critical capital through the Group’s channel financing schemes. Everybody whose life he touched benefited from the association.

Under the inspired leadership of B.D Ghoniya, Lifeguard has been actively involved in philanthropic activities that reach out and help people in need. under his leadership, Lifeguard has generously contributed in cash and kind to help the victims of various national calamities like the Kutch earth quack, and many more NGO institutions.

B.D Ghoniya was keen to leave behind a society that was at least as good as what he received from his forefathers. He was especially conscious of the human safety and electrical equipments safety and today a full 100% of the Lifeguard range is provides a human safety and protects our electrical equipments and machines for the same usage. He was a leader in elimination of hazardous substances in the manufacture of switchgear and Lifeguard is one of the first companies in India to introduce live electric wire touch open challenge in ELCBs.

In industrial terms, he put Indian electrical brands in the global arena and left behind a benchmark for others to follow. In economic terms, he enriched the lives of people he worked and partnered with thriving businesses that delivered both growth and sustainability. In social terms, he contributed to the betterment of the society in multiple ways, creating a role model that bears emulation.

In safety purpose ways, he raised the bar, ensuring that sustainability of operations and the minimization of electrical fatal impact became as important an aspect of business as growth and profits.

He was a person whose life was a standing testimony to the concept of “Simple Living, High Thinking”